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What to Expect

What is worship?

Everyone worships what they value most. We cannot help but worship. Accordingly, the church exists to acknowledge that God alone is worthy of worship. The overarching message of the Bible is that Jesus has delivered us from false worship (idolatry) to worship the true and living God.

What does your worship service look like?

Each Sunday you will receive a bulletin that provides an outline or order of the worship service. The bulletin will list the songs, prayers, and Scripture readings for that day, along with an outline for the sermon.

How long is the service?

Worship begins at 11AM and typically lasts for an hour and twenty minutes.

Is a nursery available for my children?

If desired, our church provides a nursery for children 4 and under. If you would like a copy of our child protection policy, please send an inquiry to

What do my older children do during the service?

Jesus valued children (Luke 18:15-17) and because of this our church welcomes them to remain with their parents through the full worship service. The best way for children to learn about true worship is to watch Mom, Dad and others glorify and enjoy God week after week. True, some of the sermon will likely go over their heads, but nevertheless children are always learning. The prayers, songs, and sermons accumulate over time and teach children the great truths of the Bible.



We sing primarily from the Trinity Psalter Hymnal, accompanied by a variety of instruments, most commonly piano and violin. The Trinity Psalter Hymnal is described as "A compilation of hymns, Psalms, and confessions in the Reformed tradition."

The Lord's Supper

Each week as a church family, we take part in the Lord's Supper (sometimes referred to as the Eucharist, which means Thanksgiving, or Communion). This meal is a remembrance and not a sacrifice. It is a means of grace by which the Lord Spiritually feeds us with our crucified and risen Savior. It is also a sign and seal of the gospel – the bread and cup represent his crucified body and shed blood. Accounts of the Last Supper can be found in Matthew 26:17-29, Mark 14:12-25, and Luke 22:7-38.
All baptized Christians who have publicly confessed before the church their trust in Christ alone, belong to a church that embraces the gospel, are at peace with their fellow neighbor, and seek strength and grace to live more faithfully to Christ, are invited to participate.

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